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Aluminium Foil Flexible Duct

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Place of Origin: Malaysia
Quantity: Not Specified
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Price: LC or TT
Classification: Base Metals & Articles - Aluminium & Articles
Product Descpription:

EL Flexible Duct are specially made and designed for all high and low velocity air conditioning and ventilation systems application.
They are manufactured by laminating fire resistant Aluminium Foil or Polyester Film, two ply of metallised polyester film over a high tensile spring steel wire helix to give excellent strength and flexibility.
EL Flexible Duct are strong, durable and fire-resistant with a flexibility of being compressed to 10% of its extended length.

1. For main trunk and return lines.
2. Vertical take-off supply duct to single outlet to compensate for misalignment
3. Connecting lines from mixing boxes in the main trunk systems or directly from the plenum to room inlets or diffusers.
4. Connecting lines to under-window perimeter units.
5. Connector from low pressure side of attenuation boxes to diffusers.
6. Connector from hot and cold duct to mixing boxes on high pressure side of dual duct systems.

Performance Benefits:
1. Improved Air Flow maintains a constant cross-sectional area throughout a bend with pressure loss comparable to die-formed elbows.
2. Flexible and easy to Install will not kink on 90 bends making it easy to use in tight areas.
3. Economical Installation easily field-cut to desired length eliminating waste and reducing handling costs.
4. Self-Supporting semi-rigid construction eliminates sag and droop between connection points providing a neat finished appearance.
5. corrosion Resistance all metal construction will not rust or rot, and is impervious to damage by mould or mildew.
6. Fire Resistant all metal construction allows continuous operation temperature from 200 F.
7. Quiet corrugated construction reduces the transmission of mechanical vibration and noise.


EL FLEXIBLE DUCT is tested and comply with the following standards:

SIRIM QAS Malaysian International Standard
Method of Test for Propagation for Product B.S. 476 Part 6
Surface Spread of Flame Test for Materials B.S. 476 Part 7

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